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Santa Claus' history has been shaped by numerous legends, cultures and events - ultimately evolving into the world-wide phenomena we now experience in the 21st century.  Where did this 'gift-giver' come from? on.
The history of Santa Claus - Thomas nast drawing The History of Santa Claus- beginning with Saint Nicholas.
From Saint Nicholas through the middle ages and up to our modern day Santa. 
Discover the travels and evolution of the World's most prominent "gift -giver."
Santa carving by Teri The History of Santa Claus in America-
A story of its own.  In America the History of Santa goes back four centuries. The  evolution of the character as we know him today is a remarkable one and has impacted the entire world.
What Santa Claus means to me.  Santa carving by Greg Geudel Yes, Virginia.  There is a Santa Claus-
This classic letter, and response, answers the age old question.
A must read for everyone.
A visit from St. Nick. - figurine designed by Anthony Costanza A Visit From Saint Nick-
('Twas the Night Before Christmas) By Clement C Moore
Originally written in 1823. The most popular and timeless of all Christmas poems.
Clement C Moore-
The history of the man behind 'A visit from Saint Nick', more currently known as 'Twas the Night before Christmas'
Thomas Nast Thomas Nast (1840-1902)
America's foremost political cartoonist and the creator of the
image of Santa Claus as we know him today.
Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.  Original Santa sculpture by Dennis Brown "Haddon Sundblom & Coca-Cola"
Born in 1899, Haddon Sundblom dominated the commercial art scene for decades. Often using himself as the model, Sundblom developed the image of jolly Saint Nick for Coca-Cola.

Reasons to Believe - Santa carvings, Santa figurines, Russian Santas, Santa ornaments and more.  Hundreds of Santa Claus gifts and collectibles to choose from.  -  The World of Santa Claus
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